Our Embarrassing Debt Story

There are generally two types of debt, one being Good Debt and the other being Bad Debt.  Good debt is usually money which you have borrowed in order to generate something of value for example, a student loan or taking out a bond on your home.  This blog post is not going to focus on […]

Mind The Savings Gap

To put it simply, the Savings Gap is the difference between what you earn and how much you spend on expenses and debt.  Assuming you are not one of those fortunate enough to receive a substantial inheritance, multiple windfalls or earn a very high income, the only other way I know of to reach financial […]

Retire Early Using The 4% Rule

For some time I have believed that the way we think about retirement is flawed.  Generally speaking, most people view retirement similar to that of finishing a marathon.  We think that it is the beginning of the twilight years and we hope at the same time that we have enough money to live out our […]